New PLASMAScience graduate school at IP-Paris

New PLASMAScience graduate school at IP-Paris

The French state’s Future Investment Program (PIA3) has awarded 4 million euros over 10 years to the new graduate school (Ecole Universitaire de recherche, EUR) “PLASMAScience” with the goal of bringing together master’s and doctoral studies as well as 7 high-level research laboratories of IP Paris working on different aspects of plasma physics: LOA as well as CMAP, CPHT, LPICM, LPP, LSI, and LULI.

PLASMAScience wants to attract the brightest French and foreign students to doctoral and master’s studies in these 3 major areas of research:

  • «Plasmas and Energy»: key plasma processes related to energy loss in large thermonuclear fusion facilities; as well as avenues in nanotechnology for solar energy.
  • «Plasmas and Space»: space plasmas and more specifically energy conversion and dissipation at different plasma scales; as well as plasma propulsion for new generations of “all-electric” satellites.
  • «Plasmas and Society»: laser-produced plasmas and cold plasmas with applications in a wide range of fields, from medicine (medical imaging, therapy, etc.) to nanotechnology, aeronautics, environment and agriculture.

PLASMAScience will support 1/2 Doctoral or Post-Doctoral grants, Master’s scholarships, internship fellowships, equipment for experimental and digital courses as well as trainings and events. Within its network it will foster the development of innovative teaching in Master and PhD programs and PhDs with a strong link between training and research on plasma science.

The project is coordinated by Dominique Fontaine. Project manager Tatiana Juresic ( will work closely with her and the Council of 15 representatives of PLASMAScience’s ecosystem.