Ultrafast sources of Particles and X rays (UPX)

The UPX research group ( Ultrafast sources of Particles and X rays) focuses on the study of fundamental aspects of laser plasma interaction in the relativistic regime, on the development of plasma-accelerators, on the development of ultrafast x-ray or XUV sources from intense femtosecond lasers, and on the application of these secondary sources. This is a long-standing activity at LOA that has started in the 90’s. The group is a recognized as a world leader in these fields with many pioneering results obtained all along the years.

Current activities are organized around 5 main topics: laser wakefield acceleration, relativistic X-ray sources, plasma wakefield acceleration, quantum electrodynamics experiments and soft-X-ray sources.

UPX Publications

Staff of the UPX group

Team leader:

                              Cedric Thaury, CRCN (CNRS)

Permanent staff:

                              Sebastien Corde, Prof. (Ecole Polytechnique)

                              Julien Gautier, IR1 (Ecole polytechnique)

                              Jean Philippe Goddet, IR2 (CNRS)

                              Olena Kononenko, IR2 (Ecole polytechnique)

                              Guillaume Lambert, IR2 (CNRS)

                              Pascal Rousseau, IR (ENSTA)
                              Stephane Sebban, DR2 (CNRS)

                              Kim Ta Phuoc, CRCN (CNRS)       

                              Amar Tafzi, AI (CNRS)

                              Fabien Tissandier, IR2 (Ecole polytechnique)

PhD students:

                              Adeline Kabacinski, since 2019

                              Pablo San Miguel Claveria, since 2018

                              Kosta Oubrerie, since 2018

                              Siyi Yu, since 2017

                              Slava Smartsev, since 2016 (PhD under joint supervision with Weizmann Institute)


                              Max Gilljohann, since 2020 (post-doc)

                              Alexander Knetsch, since 2020 (post-doc)

                              Michaela Kozlova, 2020 (visitor)
                              Ludovic Lecherbourg, since 2017 (associate researcher from CEA-DAM)