Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée


May 31 2024


11 h 00 min

Maïmouna BOCOUM, Institut Langevin, ESPCI: Optical Measurement Noise: From Medical Imaging to Gravitational Wave Detection

Optical imaging of biological tissues is currently limited by the strong scattering of light. However, the use of auxiliary ultrasonic waves for imaging allows overcoming this limitation and imaging in depth. However, there are several limitations to this so-called “acousto-optic” method. When so-called “classical” light is used for imaging, the limit is then the photon noise, a limit that is also found in the world’s most powerful optical detectors, such as interferometers used for gravitational wave detection. Therefore, in this presentation, I will discuss the possibilities that arise when “non-classical” light is used to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of a measurement, whether it be in medical imaging or gravitational wave detection.

(Seminar in english)