Laplace: a project for a laser-plasma acceleration center at LOA

Project LAPLACE is the next big step we propose to make at LOA: a laser-plasma acceleration center with two new cutting-edge experimetal platforms at high-energy (Laplace HE) as well as at high repetion-rate (Laplace HC). Our host school ENSTA published an article (in french) introducing the project and its context.

LAPLACE is the leading French research center on particle acceleration by laser-plasma interaction. It combines research and innovation for the development of next-generation accelerators and the provision of intense and ultrashort sources of energetic electron beams or X-rays for academic and industrial applications. LAPLACE is organized around 2 platforms: a high energy platform (LAPLACE-HE) for electron beams in the GeV range, and a high speed platform (LAPLACE-HC) aimed at producing secondary sources of particles and high repetition rate radiation (100 Hz – kHz). The targeted applications affect many fields: (i) academic research with the development of ultra-short X sources to probe matter at the atomic scale, (ii) medical and radio-biology applications at high dose of irradiation, (iii ) industrial applications such as non-destructive testing.

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